We guarantee comprehensive support by a competent legal and accounting team and a tailor-made offer. We take care to maintain international standards.

We understand the needs of funds, which expect experience and reliability from their business partners. We match these expectations with customer satisfaction.

Administrowanie nieruchomościami na rzecz funduszy. Dowiedz się więcej na temat obsługi finansowej najmów oraz pośredniczenia w najmie i sprzedaży lokali.

Dedicated team for service of short and long-term rental properties

We respond to the needs of the funds and match the competencies of our staff to individual requirements. We provide a team specifically dedicated to handling leases.

Financial service of leases

We deal with lease settlements – as part of our basic offer. We declare to operate in accordance with the funds standards and high collection rate.

Lease and sale of apartments

We provide lease brokerage services and assist in the disposal of premises. We relieve the funds in activities related to monitoring the course of the lease agreement.

Dedicated legal support

Legal aid by experts on real estate law, who provide dedicated services, ensures not only the security of facility management, but also the efficiency of cooperation between residents and the fund.

Housing estate administrator

We maintain high standards in providing comprehensive care for the investment. This is facilitated by the possibility of appointing an administrator who will be constantly present on the housing estate.

Range of services: administrative, financial and accounting, legal, technical, cleaning

Depending on the specific needs and expectations of the funds, we tailor our offer to various investments. An interdisciplinary team will meet even the most difficult challenges.

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