Tailored offer to meet the individual needs of each property.

Zapewniamy kompleksową obsługę wspólnot mieszkaniowych: administracyjną, prawną, księgową, techniczną i serwis sprzątający. Sprawdź szczegóły oferty.



We focus on high quality service to meet even the most demanding requirements. Our employees know the residents, meet them regularly, visit the serviced facilities and respond to requests without undue delay. If necessary, we ensure the presence of a dedicated administrator on the estate.



Specialised legal aid at our clients disposal is our distinguishing feature. It is a substantial benefit both for residents, for whom it provides access to quick legal consultation, and for property owners, for whom it guarantees effective debt collection. You do not have to bear additional costs, because legal support is provided as part of the basic service.



A comprehensive range of accounting services is provided by a team of experienced professionals. Particularly important for us is the aspect of transparency of all settlements and care for the financial security of residents for years. Therefore, you get transparent information from us and you always know what is happening with your money.



In the interest of high comfort of life on the housing estate, we make sure that it is easy to contact the administrator and solve current problems without unnecessary delay. Full control over technical requirements of even the most complex infrastructure allows us to maintain the value of the estate over time.



A reliable and efficient team taking care of the cleanliness of common areas not only ensures the pleasure of living in an aesthetically pleasing environment, but also determines the real value of the premises. That is why we use high quality tools and resources to ensure efficiency and consistent quality of work. We act in your interest – on an ongoing and long-term basis.

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Housing communities

Thanks to our tailor-made offer and many years of experience, we ensure the comfort of life of the estate's residents and maintain the facility in a very good condition. We consistently take care of cost optimization, financial security of the community and high rent collection. We are committed to meeting the challenges faced by new and long-standing communities, responding to the changing needs of residents.

Property developers

The versatility of our services responds to the needs of even very complex infrastructures and estates rich in new technologies. We guarantee effective control over subcontractors and care for all aspects of property operation. By effectively managing the communication between the housing community and the property developer, we contribute to building the developer's good reputation.


We draw on our experience of working with international partners and therefore understand the standards of such organizations. We comprehensively meet the needs of funds looking for responsible and stable business partners who will maintain customer satisfaction and match individual expectations. The appropriate competence of our team ensures the highest level of real estate services.



Housing community registration, data update
We register newly formed communities with the statistical and tax offices, and update their data in the case of existing communities. We also carry out the communities’ reporting obligations towards the GUS [Central Statistical Office].

Organization and service of community meetings
We inform the apartment owners about the meetings, we convene them at the time and place agreed with the Management Board, we present drafts of the resolutions’ content. We chair the meetings and take the minutes of them. We conduct voting on resolutions, record the votes cast, summarize the results and notify about the content of adopted resolutions.

Enabling the use of an electronic system (e-file)
We provide our clients with a modern tool for communication and information exchange. The e-file platform enables electronic voting on resolutions, reading of resolutions and regulations and other documents of the community, as well as viewing current accounts and fee balances.

Implementing solutions to protect the community from debt
With the support of our experts on real estate law, we ensure a high level of collection of housing fees. A proactive approach minimizes the risk of debt formation in the community, as well as promotes the conclusion of debt repayment agreements and prevents the cases from going to court.

Calculation of financial and economic plans
Together with the entire team dedicated to the service of the community, we develop a detailed financial and economic plan that allows for proper management of the property budget and secures funds for the implementation of works planned for the calendar year.

Representing the community
We act on behalf of the community before institutions, administrative bodies, as well as before owners of premises and their users. We conduct correspondence, provide owners with any information and make documentation of the community available for inspection.

Site inspections of the property
You will meet us on the estate. The administrator taking care of a given community regularly appears on the property to assess its condition and verify the quality of work of cleaning and maintenance companies.

Drafting and reviewing documents
We draft contracts, resolutions, regulations, agreements and other documents resulting directly from the needs of the community. We verify and evaluate contracts sent by contractors and negotiate their terms, securing the interest of the community.

Receiving reports and processing them
We accept reports that concern irregularities in the day-to-day operation of the housing estate and then verify them. In justified cases, we provide repairs, passing the information to appropriate companies or maintenance or cleaning firms.

Seeking revenue opportunities for the housing community
Using the potential of common areas of the estate, we look for ways to partially manage them. Renting and acquiring additional benefits for the community reduces the costs of current maintenance of the estate.

Insurance and loss indemnification
We conclude property and civil liability insurance policies. We also assist in the process of loss indemnification – obtaining compensation and making necessary repairs.

Acquisition of records from a property developer or former administrator
On behalf of the housing community management board, we request the property developer or the previous administrator to hand over technical documentation, accounting, historical resolutions and currently valid contracts and policies that belong to the community.

Acquisition of offers
We are looking for cleaning, maintenance, construction or service contractors to win specific bids to submit to the Management Board, which selects the option that is most beneficial to the community.

Personal data protection
We maintain records of property owners along with their personal information – in accordance with legal and security requirements for collecting data and administering this type of information.



Creation and analysis of community documentation
We prepare, conduct analyses and, if necessary, issue opinions on documents related to the functioning of the community, such as resolutions, agreements, regulations, statutes or minutes.

Legal service of the meetings
We provide legal services for meetings of owners forming housing communities.

Representing the community before authorities
On the basis of powers of attorney granted to us, we represent the community of residents before state and local government administration bodies.

Legal advice and consultation
We provide legal advice related to the ongoing administration of common property. We also provide consultations on legal issues for apartment owners in individual cases, also those not related to the functioning of the community and the ownership of premises.

Assistance with warranty and guarantee issues
We conduct cases related to the enforcement of rights under warranties and guarantees, including the preparation and conclusion of agreements on the assignment of such rights granted on real estate, as well as legal representation in disputes.

Representation in court cases
We provide legal representation and enforcement in all court cases of the community and comprehensively consult the current status of cases conducted before the courts, including those involving the assertion of financial claims from debtors on behalf of the community (costs of legal representation are charged only after the case is concluded).

Representation of the community in other cases
Acting on behalf of the housing community, we conduct talks, negotiations and mediation proceedings in all kinds of matters.

Legal support of the Management Board
We provide legal support to the Management Board of the community, which consists of advice and full service of its current activities.



Enabling the use of the e-file
We provide modern solutions that allow members of the communities to access documents via the Internet. Additionally, we offer the management of the community a constant insight into current balances of the owners.

Preparation of annual financial statements
We create annual reports that provide a clear view of the community’s financial position and are a valuable tool in setting goals for future years.

Maintaining registers of costs and revenues
As part of our accounting services we register the costs and revenues of the community in accordance with the adopted resolutions and statutes. We take care of properly kept registers in accordance with the changing legal regulations.

Maintaining and updating records of premises and their owners
On the basis of land registers and owners’ declarations, we register current data on the apartments, their owners and shares in the common property.

Determining the amount of fees
We charge monthly fees broken down into costs of administration of common property, contributions to the renovation fund and costs concerning maintenance of premises.

Updated utility accrual
In case of changes in the supplier’s rates, we send information to the members of the community about updating the amount of advance payments charged for utilities.

Settlement of collected advances
We systematically settle advance payments for utilities in accordance with the adopted regulations and in the periods specified therein.

Filing and submission of statements
On the basis of the power of attorney granted, we prepare and submit to the relevant tax authorities the statements required by the regulations (including CIT, VAT, PIT).

Collecting and settling debts
We analyze the current receivables and liabilities of the community, we send reminders and requests for payment. We take the cases to court in cooperation with a law office.



Ongoing maintenance of the construction site book
We systematically make the necessary entries in the construction site book, documenting the history of the property’s operation and any changes occurring during its use.

Developing a schedule and commissioning periodic property maintenance and technical inspections
In consultation with the management board, we prepare a schedule of legally required maintenance and technical inspections and inform the board of their completion dates.

Informing about recommendations indicated in periodic inspection protocols
We report the management on the recommendations detailed in the periodic and ad hoc technical inspection protocols.

Care of common parts – planned maintenance activities
We take care of the common parts of the property, such as: basements, garages, balconies, staircases, corridors, gates and elevators, methodically working towards keeping them in the best possible condition.

Maintenance and service
We provide services in the field of ongoing maintenance and servicing of installations that constitute the equipment of common parts of real estate.

Technical Emergency Service 24/7
We provide a 24-hour emergency service where residents can report an emergency that requires urgent intervention.



Cleaning of staircases
We guarantee regular sweeping, collecting waste and other dirt, washing floors and glass panes, vacuuming and washing carpets, cleaning elevators, washing flat roofs, lamps and radiators, wiping dust off equipment, cleaning handrails and tidying display cases.

Cleaning of fitness rooms
We provide sweeping and mopping floors, washing dirty interior glass, vacuuming and washing carpets, cleaning equipment, washing and disinfecting shower rooms and toilets, replenishing hygiene products on a regular basis.

Cleaning of garage hall
We sweep, collect waste and other dirt, including sand from car wheels, wash the floor and entrance gates, clean the garbage rooms and baby carriage rooms, machine wash the garage hall.

Cleaning of the non-residential part and the outdoor area at the commercial premises
We remove garbage, waste and dirt, replace bags in waste garbage cans, wash outdoor waste garbage cans and cobblestone around them, remove sand and cobwebs from the main lobby entrance, offer vertical glass cleaning.

Cleaning of passageways
We provide sweeping and mopping floors, cleaning doormats, doors and sockets, emptying ashtrays and waste bins, removing dirt from glass surfaces, cleaning glass facades, mirrors and elements of equipment, vacuuming handrails, signs, hydrants and fire extinguishers.

Cleaning of outdoor areas
We also take care of the aesthetics and hygiene of the surroundings of the estate, therefore we mow lawns, rake leaves, sweep sidewalks, clean trash cans and empty them.

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