We care about your peace of mind and safety in a variety of ways every day.

We set new standards in the industry with a focus on comfort of residents. We act responsibly to ensure the safety of cooperatives for years to come.

Building a stable relationship based on trust and maximizing customer benefits guide our daily activities. We are committed to caring for the properties entrusted to us, maintaining the highest level of service and comprehensive offer.

Potrzebujesz porady prawnika? Mamy wewnętrzny dział prawny, który służy wsparciem członkom wspólnot mieszkaniowych. Poczytaj o szczegółach oferty.

Comprehensive legal support

Housing communities, property developers and funds – all benefit from having our own legal background. Consultations, feedback and professional advice in the field of real estate law are included in the standard offer and do not entail additional costs. Thanks to support with the knowledge and experience of experts, we effectively protect the legal and financial security of residents and apartment owners.

Dedicated offer

It is obvious for us that there are no two identical housing estates or universal packages of always effective solutions. That is why we get to know each property personally and adapt our offer to the changing needs and expectations of our customers. In this way, we can meet the requirements of the residents: to ensure their peace and security, and create optimal living conditions.

Administrator budynku na wyłączność | Easy House

Exclusive administrator

We are game-changers in the industry and take a responsible approach to resident care. Depending on the needs of a particular housing estate, there may be a dedicated team on site all the time. Such a solution guarantees the communities, property developers and funds quick and easy access to the administrator whenever the need arises.

Sustainable development

We act responsibly both towards residents and the environment. We consciously choose solutions and partners in order to shape human-friendly space. We care for nature and support green initiatives. Energy-saving technologies used in sustainable housing estates prove that what is good for the planet is also good for our wallets.

Zajmujemy się administracją nieruchomości na zrównoważonych osiedlach. Przekonaj się, ile zyskasz, korzystając z energooszczędnych technologii.

the offer

Check what we can offer you. We tailor make an offer that meets your specific needs and includes administrative, legal, accounting, technical support and cleaning and greenery maintenance services.

Easy House is all about people. We form a harmonious team of specialists.

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member of the board

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