Property developers

We provide a wide range of services to estates with different infrastructures. We ensure control over subcontractors and timely completion of inspections.

We contribute to the good reputation of the property developer by guaranteeing comfort to residents and providing them with top quality services.

Administrowanie nieruchomościami na rzecz dewelopera to ważny punkt naszej oferty. Przekonaj się, jak wykorzystujemy co-branding i dbamy o komunikację.

Understand the relationship of the property developer's brand and the manager's brand

Co-branding is favorable to building brand awareness. Therefore we adjust visual communication (templates, letters, messages) to the image of the housing estate and property developer's standards.

Quality of communication with the residents

We consistently implement the highest standards of communication with residents: we listen to their opinions and demands, we care about the legibility of bills and letters.

Maintaining a high quality of service

Every day, from the beginning of our cooperation at the first stage of the housing estate's operation, we take care to maintain a satisfactorily high level of our services.

Feedback from the manager

We focus on a constructive dialogue, in which feedback plays an important role, therefore we constantly make remarks and conduct surveys concerning common parts.

Housing estate administrator

For complex infrastructures, we can build a dedicated team that will be constantly present on the housing estate to respond even faster to the reported needs.

Additional solutions for premium buildings

We are able to meet the expectations of even very demanding customers: we implement innovative technological solutions and dedicated services such as concierge.

Quick response to requests

We respond to incoming requests efficiently and without unnecessary delay. We adjust the variety of the related services to the character of the housing estate.

Effective supervision of finishing works crews

We cover subcontractor inspections – effectively and consistently. We manage communication between the property developer and residents, ensuring easy contact and problem resolution.

Zespół zarządzania nieruchomościami na rzecz deweloperów. Nadzorujemy ekipy wykończeniowe, oferujemy rozwiązania premium. Sprawdź szczegóły.

for funds

Additional support in the settlement of lease agreements and comprehensive care over the investment.

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