We follow your needs, for the sake of our planet and moving with the times.

Dobra administracja nieruchomości oznacza dopasowanie się do potrzeb ludzi i środowiska. Poczytaj o tym, jak działamy w zrównoważony sposób.

See our activities in four areas of sustainable development.

Dobry zarządca budynku podąża za rytmem życia jego mieszkańców. Dowiedz się, kiedy potrzebne są place zabaw, a kiedy ułatwienia dla niepełnosprawnych.


We follow the rhythm of life of the estate and modernize solutions.

We adapt to the expectations of our residents, for whom time does not stand still. Young couples and families with small children have different needs, the generation of forty- and fifty-year-olds has different needs, and pensioners have different needs. We listen and observe at what stage playgrounds or bicycle racks are needed, and when solutions facilitating the movement of people with disabilities are needed.


We take care of greenery to provide an aesthetically pleasing and healthy living environment.

Taking care of the nature on the estate is an investment for years: parks, alleys planted with trees, resting places immersed in greenery not only make walking more pleasant and please the eyes of residents, but also have a positive impact on their health, well-being and social relations. We engage specialists to create the surrounding nature in a functional way and skilfully cultivate its values.

Zarządzanie nieruchomością oznacza też troskę o przyrodę na osiedlu. Przekonaj się, jak duży wpływ ma ona na zdrowie i samopoczucie mieszkańców.
Wspólnoty mieszkaniowe potrzebują zarządcy, dbającego o otoczenie osiedla. Sprawdź, jakie rozwiązania stosujemy, by kształtować przyjazną przestrzeń życia.

The impact of the environment on the resident

We support initiatives related to shaping friendly space.

A housing estate is not only buildings. The surroundings also significantly improve people's quality of life. Therefore, not only do we care about the existing architectural and landscape solutions, but we are also open to the residents' demands, when they propose new improvements. From ecological cleaning products with low emissions to large acoustic screens which reduce noise – we look for solutions which have a real impact on the comfort of living in the housing estate.

Energy savings

We think about the future and focus on pro-ecological solutions.

We enthusiastically support green initiatives: photovoltaic panels, electric vehicle charging stations or rain gardens. Application of energy-saving technologies is environmentally friendly and increases the comfort of life for residents. But most of all, it makes the estates more sustainable, which in the long run brings real savings.

Zarządca nieruchomości, który stawia na ekologiczne rozwiązania. Przekonaj się, jak oszczędzając energię, dbamy o zasobność Twojego portfela.
Administrowanie nieruchomościami w oparciu o ideę zrównoważonego rozwoju. Poczytaj o tym, jak dbamy o funkcjonalność, oszczędzanie energii i naturę.

We take care of the current needs of the residents of the housing estates administered by us, but at the same time we do not forget about the future generations. Our work is guided by the idea of sustainable development, which involves respect for the environment, social progress and economic development. Therefore, we take care of functional aspects and energy saving, we value the impact of the surroundings and the virtues of nature.

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