Author: Easy House / published: 04 february 2022

Bike racks in a community

The approaching spring mobilizes lovers of bikes to dust them off, oil them and generally prepare for the season. Lucky are those who have a place to "hibernate" their bikes. But what about the residents, who dream of owning a bike, but have nowhere to store it?

Where to keep the bike in the apartment?

No one probably needs convincing that physical activity is very important for our health – cycling is one of its most popular forms. But storing a bike in a small apartment or on a balcony can be inconvenient and uncomfortable, and not everyone has a storage room or a public baby carriage room at their disposal. There are, however, many options for solving this problem. In a housing community much depends on its members and board, and of course on the spatial and technical possibilities to separate a zone or room from a part of the property or install bicycle racks or hangers.

Bike storage ideas

The choice offered by manufacturers in this area is wide. In the offer of many companies we can find, for example:

Such an extensive range of products will meet the various expectations and needs of residents of housing estates. Contrary to appearances, in most multi-family buildings there are possibilities of arranging space for mounting of e.g. bicycle hangers, where you can leave your bike without disturbing others from the property.

Keeping bikes in the common area – limitations and opportunities

In situations where the common area that could be used for bicycle storage has been used differently so far, a resolution is needed from the unit owners agreeing to change the use of that part of the property. It is also possible to consider renting the space, or even leasing a single hanger or stand, whereby the community would benefit financially and the bicycle owner would have a place for exclusive use.

Advantages of external bicycle racks

It is also worth considering putting up outdoor bike racks or garages, if there is enough space. Their presence makes it easier for cyclists to enter the apartment without having to carry their favourite bike through the staircase and risk rubbing tires on the walls.

Additional bike racks can also increase the chances that some residents will switch from four-wheelers to two-wheelers – to the benefit of both the environment and the community itself, which will benefit from the attractiveness of the estate and the health and satisfaction of the residents.

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