Author: Easy House / published: 21 february 2022

How to keep the sewage system clear and why

One does not necessarily need to prove the utility of a toilet, but what happens to the waste disposed of there and where does it actually go? Incorrect use of the sewage system can take its toll on users, causing considerable and, let's face it, bad-smelling damage.

What not to throw down the sewage system

For several years, water and sewage companies across the country have been conducting educational campaigns on proper use of this system. Blockages in the sewage system (both inside and outside the building) are most often caused by grease accumulation in the system, i.e. oily substances left after preparing a meal (e.g. oil from frying pork chops, oil from deep fryers or butter) which are often poured down household drains. Wet wipes also end up in the sewage system – often made of material that does not decompose in water as quickly as paper. Unfortunately, cotton balls, cotton buds, disposable diapers, kitchen waste and medicines are also thrown into the toilet bowl. The sewage system is not a good place for any of the above categories of waste. So how do you dispose of them safely? Find out more about waste sorting.

Effects of clogged sewage systems

The troublesome consequences of throwing waste that should not go in the toilets are mainly blockages and backflow of waste, and consequently even flooding of the apartment, basement or sidewalks. There is no need to mention the expense and stress associated with this type of situation. It is definitely better to prevent them.

How to unclog a sewage system

Unclogging of the sewage system is expensive and requires the use of appropriate equipment, and the work should be done in such a way as not to damage the sewage system. Sometimes the blockage is so big that it is not possible to crush or push it through and it is necessary to remove the floor, which additionally exposes the apartment owner or community to costs. The commonly available remedies for unblocking sewage drains often only make the situation worse – they petrify or the active substances they contain damage the PVC pipes from which the sewage system is made.

Co należy uzgodnić z zarządcą wspólnoty

Warto też wspomnieć o kilku kwestiach, które wymagają uzgodnienia z zarządcą wspólnoty. Przykładowo montaż jednostki zewnętrznej klimatyzatora może ingerować w części wspólne (uszkodzenie izolacji płyty balkonowej czy ściany poprzez dokonanie odwiertu na przeprowadzenie instalacji). To samo dotyczy montażu markiz, zadaszeń czy przegród. Tak więc tego typu zmiany lepiej omówić najpierw z osobą odpowiedzialną za stan techniczny budynku.

Common issue

Even seemingly small amounts of small waste from individual apartments accumulate over time in the municipal systems, creating blockages there and generating further difficulties. The sewage treatment plants collecting liquid waste also have limited capacities and it is better not to check how much they can handle at maximum. It is therefore in the common interest that we take care to use the toilets sensibly, so that in future we can avoid having to clean up the apartment after the sewage system has broken, and that access to the toilet is restricted until the plumber arrives.

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