Author: Easy House / published: 01 february 2022

Waste sorting

Sorting our waste is one of the easiest ways for us to reduce our negative impact on the environment surrounding us. In addition, this simple everyday action reduces the cost of waste collection, providing us with real savings. Is it worth it? It is!

Waste classification group

What is this waste sorting all about? Why should we make our lives so complicated and put several different containers instead of one waste container? Waste sorting is an important element of recycling and closed cycle economy – by reducing the amount of waste, we reduce the costs connected with its storage and the consumption of natural resources.

Multi-family buildings use common gazebos and waste garbage cans, which are divided into 5 different fractions:

When in doubt about …

Where should I put a burnt-out light bulb or a milk carton? Some of us face such dilemmas every day. Where can you find help? It is best to look for answers to specific questions on the website dedicated to the municipality, since the rules for waste sorting may vary in different administrative units. Prepared information leaflets and dedicated applications are also very helpful in this respect.

…waste sorting w Gdańsk

If you are a resident of Gdańsk, it is worth getting acquainted with the information available at, where you can also download a free application suggesting which garbage can to put product packaging or used disposable towels in.

… waste sorting in Gdynia

The residents of Gdynia, in turn, have been provided with a “Segregate it better” search engine at, which contains additional information on waste and its composition as well as hints on what is recycled.

…waste storting in Sopot, Rumia, Reda and Wejherowo

It is worthwhile for the residents of Sopot, Rumia, Reda or Wejherowo to look for information concerning waste sorting rules on the official websites of municipal offices or entities operating in the municipality in the field of waste collection. On those websites, there is also information about collection schedules or dates of large-size waste and Christmas trees collection, as well as tips on what to do with hazardous waste and where to return used electronic equipment.

Waste sorting pays off

Why is sorting important? Of course, the priority and noble assumption is environmental protection. However, we must admit that the economic aspect is also important for the residents – the lack of waste sorting results in increased costs of waste collection, which often finally convinces even the biggest skeptics.

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